How Romans drink coffee

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Coffee and Romans, or rather Rome and coffee. This is a match made in heaven.

Romans mostly drink coffee on the go, there are no places like Starbucks, where you can sit, take your coffee and rest, relax, work, dream, etc. Coffee is something you drink quickly and, most of the time, standing. Needless to say, when you order “un café” - it is espresso by default.

Of course, there are places where you can sit and drink it too, but 99% of Romans drink coffee standing. Something no one can explain.

There should be something to eat, or another drink, like wine or cocktail, or other aperitives so you sit. Or it should be typical Roman coffee with croissant (cornetto) in the morning so you seat.

If you take your MacBook and sit with your coffee to work, you might be looked at as someone who tries to steal the business from the owners. Maximum what you can do with your coffee sitting is read an article from newspaper or quickly check notifications on your phone. Don’t be surprised if staff approaches you and tells you that having coffee sitting is extra charge. That’s normal.

Also, Romans never drink any coffee with milk in the afternoon. Those cappuccinos and lattes are considered morning coffees only.

The cafe on the picture is called Sciascia (do not attempt to pronounce it), was founded in 1919 and since then they sell the best coffee in Rome, we insist. Their special is coffee with chocolate. We have also recommended this cafe in our list at

Nevertheless, to sit, relax and have your coffee and maybe chinotto with it, you must visit Espressamente illy which is near Parliament and you might see there some MPs and Parliament staff having coffee too.

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