Enjoying the company of a book on the bus or in the metro: new public transport's digital library

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

A free digital library that spans the entire city, with hundreds of e-books, audiobooks and music tracks that passengers can download for free in a few seconds on their smartphones or tablets by simply scanning a QR Code: it is the “+Viaggi +Leggi” project developed by ATAC and available to users of Rome’s public transportation as part of the “e-L.OV. Leggere Ovunque” initiative by Roma Capitale.

The titles available can be consulted at the bus stops, on board a number of trains of the A and B metro lines, on the notice boards of various metro C stations and on the panels of the boxes of the Termini bus terminus. In the metro access area of ​​Termini station, the digital library contains more than three hundred titles, with two special sections dedicated to Dante and Trilussa and the Roman poets.

However, the choice is wide, for all tastes and age groups: classics from all over the world, children’s books, poetry, theater, nonfiction, art and travel essays, symphonic and chamber music. Two special sections are dedicated specifically to commuters: the “Travel books”, with reading times that correspond to the average duration of a journey on the metro and bus, and the section with texts in English, French, Spanish, Bengali and Romanian. After six months, all titles will be replaced and updated with new proposals.

To see the books we recommend, simply visit rome.org/books.

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