Colbert - The Secret Restaurant in Rome

Recently on our Instagram we promised to tell you about this place with a secret restaurant within. The time has come.

This is Colbert, the restaurant with a fantastic view inside Villa Medici built in 1564–1580. The Villa is placed above Spanish Steps, next to Trinita del Monti church. Since 1803 the Villa is the seat of the French Academy in Rome.

You will never find this place, unless you know it is there. No billboards, signs, hints. No tour guide will tell you about Colbert's existence, as most of them do not know about it. And even after entering the Villa you will not guess there is a restaurant inside, unless you take the stairs on the right side and go to the third floor. Isn't it intriguing and charming at the same time?

We included Colbert in the list of places we recommend to eat in Rome, because cuisine is really special there. Menu is not too large, but it is exquisite. Ask for chef’s special dish of the day.

But there is more. This secret restaurant has another secret within. It is an open-air garden where you can [i.e. you should] have your coffee and enjoy the garden just like Medici family did back in days.

Promise delivered.

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