Chinotto - the drink you don't want to miss

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

Have you ever tried chinotto? Unique, refreshing, bittersweet soft drink from the type of orange (citrus myrtifolia) that grows in Mediterranean states.

We saw chinotto in the shops in Italy, Malta and San Marino. Nowhere else. The world does not know what it misses, because chinotto is so much better than any alternative similar soft drink. Mainstream soft drinks do not even come close to chinotto.

When you order chinotto in Rome, they will ask you if you want it with ice, slice of lemon or orange. I prefer it with ice and a slice of orange, it underlines the same family fruit in the drink.

Chinotto is dark colored and bubbly and it goes very good with strong espresso.

It principally goes with anything and you can have it as a soft drink for your food, but to truly enjoy the flavor we either recommend having it unaccompanied or with your coffee. Be assured, Roman sun will force you to ask for another bottle and enjoy it as much as you did the first. Chinotto is affordable, given the place is not super posh, order it in the places we recommend here.

Believe it or not, knowledgeable tourists take chinotto home with them, along with souvenirs they buy in Rome. It is so good to enjoy the drink that can instantly remind you of your days in Rome, terrace with a view, or café with Italian music in the background, refreshing moments under summer sun and sweet, happy smiles.

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